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Weinzierl Offers Secure KNX EnOcean Gateways

The new devices, KNX ENO 636 secure and KNX ENO 626 secure, encrypt radio communication with EnOcean devices as the first EnOcean KNX gateways on the market. In a networked world, security becomes a decisive factor, especially when transmitting radio, encryption is a must. The EnOcean Alliance has therefore defined corresponding security algorithms and has already been integrated into several products, such as the PTM 215 push-button module.

Easy commissioning

Weinzierl’s gateways are commissioned in the usual way: the encryption can be activated individually for all channels. Subsequently EnOcean sensors and actuators, which support security, can be taught in as before. The user gets more security without loss of comfort.

Supported device profiles

Also new is the greatly expanded range of supported device profiles (EEP EnOcean equipment profiles): the new devices now support more than 100 profiles (you can download an overview of all supported profiles) and thus allow easy and secure connection of even more different EnOcean sensors and actuators to KNX installations.

Features and designs

The model 626 has 8 + 8 channels (8 universal as well as 8 only for logic) and is – as currently the smallest gateway on the market – suitable for installation in a flush-mounted socket. The 636 model supports up to 32 channels and has a decent housing for wall mounting and allows easy and convenient on-site configuration via a backlit display. Both devices are supplied from the KNX bus.

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