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Home of Technologies Announces Availability of HOTBOX – The One Box That Controls All Your Heating and Cooling

After years of careful development and planning, Home of Technologies has launched a new product to the UK market – Hotbox. It controls all the heating and cooling in a property with just one central box.

What are the benefits?

INTEGRATION – HOTBOX natively integrates with KNX and other BMS systems.
CONTROL – Control all heating and cooling in one place – from underfloor to standard.
SELF COMMISSIONING – No lengthy or complicated commissioning process.
EASE OF USE – Any electrician can install the system. Easy configuring for integrators.
USER FRIENDLINESS – Standalone system app control. Can be configured and maintained with ease.

Since there are many ways to install and implement heating and cooling solutions to a property, Hotbox system comes in three versions to suit everyone’s needs:

HOTBOX Classic: Perfect for plumbers and electricians – room-by-room temperature control that makes no compromises.
HOTBOX IP: Ideal for home owners and end-users – perfect integration that brings comfort and peace of mind.
HOTBOX Air: Suited for integrators – flexible connection.

For more information visit:

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