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Elsner Elektronik Offers Leak KNX Sensor for Water Leak Detection

Defects on water pipes or untight flexible tubes of devices like the washing machine cause a lot of expenses and annoyance for homeowners and often cause considerable damages in the home. Public buildings are also frequently affected by such water damages and are facing the challenge to repair the damaged areas as quickly as possible.

Buildings equipped with the intelligent KNX technique offer the possibility of being informed about an existing leakage at an early stage. The new leakage sensor Leak KNX from Elsner Elektronik detects leaking water immediately. The probe is placed on the floor, preferably in near proximity to areas that are flooded at first. The evaluation unit emits a loud acoustic alarm signal if water is detected between the electrodes of the probe. Additionally, an alarm message is sent to the KNX bus that can be supplemented with an individual text message. Due to the rapid information flow over an existing leak, measures to contain the emerging water damage can be initiated.

The leakage sensor Leak KNX is applicable where water may leak, for example in the laundry room next to the washing machine, under the sink or directly in the bathroom.

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