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ekey biometric systems Integrates Fingerprint Access Control via a KNX Interface

ekey’s products and solutions provide a convenient, secure, and simple alternative to conventional access solutions. Our biometric processes offer reliable added security, and make stolen keys, cards, and forgotten passwords or codes a thing of the past: Loss, theft, and spying are impossible, or at least extremely difficult. Fingerprint access is available for doors, gates, locks, PCs, notebooks, terminals, networks, and even for the Internet.

Integrating ekey fingerprint access control systems via a KNX interface, allows personalised building control using biometric data that guarantees unique identification.

It is possible to save up to 99 fingerprints within one installation and use up to ten ekey events to program customised scenarios through the ETS. In addition to these ten standard events, there is a dedicated event available for unknown fingerprints/users.

A security event can be triggered automatically after a certain number of rejections are recognised by the ekey finger scanner within a configurable time period.

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