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CD Innovation Offers KNX to RTI Gateway Using Maestro Server

CD Innovation is happy to announce that RTI Controllers utilizing Maestro Server as KNX gateway can dramatically enhance the efficiency of KNX to RTI integration.

Using Maestro enables importing the complete KNX project from ETS to the RTI in less than a minute!

Maestro’s new RTI driver-generator saves integrator’s time spent on manual manipulation of data, as the entire procedure is automated and data is directly transferred, from ETS to RTI, with 0 configuration effort.

Maestro is an advanced Controller & Gateway specialized for KNX tasks that has been installed and implemented by many reputable integration companies on some of the most prestigious jobs around the world.

This integration solution using Maestro incorporates and offers immediate advantages as follows:

Automatic import of the entire ETS project to RTI in less than a minute, no configuration!

KNX Historic status is maintained on Maestro keeping RTI’s controller always up-to-date on actual loads state, without any delay and any KNX bus overload (No KNX polling!).

Supporting all of the common KNX Data-Types.

Unlimited number of group addresses is supported at no extra fees.

All will be performed while RTI’s controller serves as the master controller and GUI interface of the entire project. While running in the background, Maestro can provide with additional set of complementary functions such as:

Most Friendly Macro and scheduler manager.
Powerful, yet easy to use, function blocks controller.
Collecting years of data and presenting them over Graphs.
Dynamic Email generator using artificial intelligence.
KNX NetIP for remote programming.
And so much more

This integration solution for RTI adds to a breadth of other innovative solutions for the KNX market proving CD Innovation’s dedication and commitment to its integration partners around the globe since 2006.

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