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Delta’s Smart Building Automation Solutions Deliver Substantial Energy Savings for Telecom Italia

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today it has successfully implemented its Building Automation Solutions at an office site of Telecom Italia, Italy’s largest telecom operator and one of the most prominent carriers in Europe. The smart solution, which includes Delta’s cloud-ready Building Energy Management System (BEMS), enables real-time automated and remote supervision and eco-friendly control of the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to attain estimated annual HVAC-related electricity savings of more than 12% and an expected payback period lower than 2 years.

Mr. Jackie Chang, President and General Manager of Delta in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said, “Delta has been a long-term advocate of green buildings and has developed a wide range of energy-saving technologies for buildings. Delta and Telecom Italia have built a long-lasting relationship for more than two decades as both firms share same values regarding sustainable development to build a better tomorrow for mankind. We are delighted to cooperate with Telecom Italia in order to enhance the eco-friendly features of their Padova building.”

Mr. Idilio Ciuffarella, General Manager of Smart Building EMEA, highlighted, “Over the years, we’ve provided Telecom Italia with our Telecom Power Solutions with industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 97.5% to enable meaningful OPEX and energy savings for their telecom infrastructure. This intelligent building automation platform complements our smart LED lighting solution installed in part of this same facility back in 2014 which enabled close to 75% lighting-electricity savings compared to pre-installation. We strive to foster, not only energy savings but a comprehensive improvement in the quality of life of all stakeholders that utilize this building, a concept that I’ve called ‘Building Anthropology’.”

Delta’s smart and cloud-ready BEMS provided to Telecom Italia’s office building, enables pre-determined energy-efficient modes of operation in the facility’s HVAC infrastructure such as optimized start/stop programs, night cooling, load adjustment and deadband to realize estimated annual HVAC-related electricity savings of more than 12% and an equivalent estimated annual reduction of carbon emissions by up to 573 tons. It integrates the Building Management System LWEB-900 (developed by LOYTEC electronics GmbH, a Delta Group company) to collect and analyse data of the centralised HVAC system as well as variations in parameter values such as environmental temperature, humidity, enthalpy, occupancy, for further automated and remote control of the air handling units (AHU), fan coils, chillers and heating generators to enable significant energy savings.

The LWEB-900 platform also offers functions for user and alarm management, scheduling and trending, energy reporting, and remote monitoring to achieve predictive maintenance of the building. The system integrates powerful automation stations with web servers, high-resolution glass front touch panels and flexible I/O extension modules and gateways featuring superior compatibility with all open building communication protocols in the market: BACnet, LON, DALI, Modbus, M-bus, KNX, EnOcean, SMI and OPC to provide a truly integrated, modular, flexible, cost-effective IP-based solution to buildings.

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