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TAPKO Uses KNX Secure RF Protocol for its LINKY RF Smart Meter Security Solution

ROHM LAPIS ML7345 – A New Solution for KNXRF Multi Secure v2.3

KNX RF Multi Secure is the STANDARD protocol for the ERL module

TAPKO Gossé&Tech has delivered the first implementation of a security solution for the LINKY RF smart meter using open standards. For KNX communication, the wireless ERL module (Emetteur Radio LINKY) utilizes a KNX Secure RF protocol. TAPKO´s technology-agnostic KNX RF Multi Secure protocol stack is based on the universally-adaptable KAIstack and assures the security of In-Home device communication. The MSP430F5 evaluation board equipped with a ML7345 radio transceiver is able to emulate the receiving and sending of the ERL KNX transmitter.

The LINKY RF smart meter device originated from the LINKY experiment in 2010, a project to improve the functioning of the electricity market, to help control energy demand and in doing so, to reduce CO2 emissions. During the Smart Electric Lyon project that started in 2012, ERDF proved the general benefits of strong interoperability between LINKY, electric appliances, and the distributor supervision centre.

Secured ERL solution paves the way for Smart Grid

After the release of the ERL’s KNX software technology for the Smart Electric Lyon pilot project, TAPKO Gossé&Tech is providing the first KNX RF stack on KNX RF Multi and KNX Secure for Push-button configuration. LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group company, has partnered with TAPKO G&T to provide the media driver for the ML7345 RF chipset for KNX RF.

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