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SEWA and Total Automation Showcase KNX Energy Management at UAE Innovation Week 2016

SEWA pavilion showcased unconventional ways to generate power for free and save energy for a bright future

In line with the spirit of UAE Innovation Week 2016, the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) pavilion at the Expo Centre Sharjah hosted a number of activities that range from showcasing innovative ways to save electricity to unconventional ways to generate power for personal consumption.

As the Internet of Things is changing simple homes into smart homes, the SEWA pavilion is also raising awareness about using internet to save energy through micro-management.

Pradeep Lobo, project engineer of Total Automation Co that has brought the innovative technology to the UAE, said that conscious use of energy ensures favourable future and makes your home more economical. With KNX intelligent networking you can decrease the energy consumption quite substantially. With the help of energy monitor, one can keep count of energy consumption as well.

“If you ever wanted to live in a futuristic home, you might realise the dream now. Don’t just monitor security of your home from a remote location, use the technology to control energy consumption as well. KNX’s home automation system can monitor and control smart wall switches and plugs, LED light bulbs, lighting devices and air conditioner too. While the censors act on their own, the system also allows you to take charge using your browser or smartphone app,” he said.

Another innovative project showcased at the pavilion inspires youngsters to generate power for personal consumption. Al Wahda Private School, Sharjah, is showcasing the Green Cycle that generates enough power to recharge appliances like smartphone and iPad.
Rinus Steyn, deputy principal, said that the students learn mathematics, science and English online using their Tabs, which leaves them with no option but to recharge their gadgets during their school hours too. While there are enough boards to recharge the devices, the Green Cycle was designed to inculcate the responsibility towards the environment.

“The Green Cycle was designed not just to generate and store electricity, but to make our students responsible citizens too. It serves multiple purposes – as you peddle to generate power to recharge your device, it also helps you keep yourself physically fit. At the same time, you also contribute to make your surrounding healthy,” he said.

Another attraction at the pavilion is the Space Capsule Sleeping Bed with negligible energy consumption. The capsule beds maximise the use of room space, grants privacy, safety for your valuables with electronic locker, and multi-function TV screen serves the entertainment quotient.

Farid Charef, CEO of Swiss Real Estate Management, Dubai, said that the capsule beds meet your expectations from every aspect – fashion, technology, environmental protection. “It has been widely used in fast economic hotels, hostels, upscale schools, dormitory, as well as in offices for power nap.”

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