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Steinel Offers SensIQ KNX Motion Detector with Quadruple Sensor System

King of the infrared motion detectors

The revolutionary sensIQ KNX for indoors and out, ideal for building entrances, loading bays, installation height up to 5 m, quadruple sensor system for optimum coverage over a 300° detection angle, 20 m range (tangential), metre-precision reach setting in 3 different directions. Remote control and corner wall mount bracket included.

Reference class all round

Most motion detectors sit around inconspicuously on a wall or ceiling. Not so the sensIQ KNX. Its design is so spectacular that makes it’s a stylish signature on any facade, automatically attracting admiring glances. Behind its internationally acclaimed form is intelligent technology that puts virtually everything else in the shade.

Unmatched: the detection reach of the four pyro sensors can easily be scaled in three directions using control dials – instead of shrouds of the type normally used on most other motion detectors.

On this note: Welcome to the world of almost endless possibilities!

Technical Specifications

European Article Number: (EAN)4007841029593
Dimensions: 144 x 113 x 172 mm
Model: Movement sensor
Power supply: KNX bus voltage
Sensor type: Passive infrared
Recommended installation height: 2-5 m
Sensor system: 1360 switching zones; 4 sensors; 6 detection levels for long-distance detection and 5 for sneak-by guard

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