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TAPKO Offers KNX-USB Interface with KNX Data Secure Support

Data security in KNX is now a reality. Various USB TP interface devices that can be used for data connection between PC and KNX bus lines are available on the market today, but not every device can support KNX Data Secure. For KNX Data Secure it is mandatory for the device to support long frames.

TAPKO´s UIM-KNX 42 uses the cEMI (“Common EMI”) protocol which supports long telegrams (max. APDU length: 228 bytes). This device can be used with any ETS and EITT. It is also used as a reference device in test labs supporting “long frames” and “raw data frames”.

Tomorrow is “now” and TAPKO is ready!

The stable KNX Data Secure for USB specification will be immediately reflected in the devices. Since TAPKO offers this USB TP interface device as an OEM version you can be ready too.

The KNX-USB interface UIM-KNX 42 provides a galvanic isolated bidirectional access to the KNX twisted pair bus. A USB 2.0 Type B connector is used. It provides the possibility to access every bus device in the KNX bus system.

It is used for:

Setting Parameters
Diagnostic operations


supports long messages (max APDULenght 228 byte)
support of Raw Frames
easy usage even without FALCON driver software
no specific USB driver due to USB HID profile
uses cEMI (“Common EMI”)

The KNX-USB interface UIM-KNX 42 is KNX certified, CE approved, database for ETS3.0d and later versions available, and is also available as OEM Version.

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