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Memoori Demystifying the IoT in Smart Buildings Webinar

Memoori BIoT

Monday 12th September 1600 UK Time

Demystifying the IoT in Smart Buildings A Q&A Webinar with Chris Irwin, Business Development Director at Tridium Europe. We will be discussing why the IoT in Buildings really matters and why we need to integrate different systems in buildings to unlock Data Silos.

Webinar Highlights…

– How can we Integrate different building systems to unlock data currently stuck in silos? How is the Internet of Things in Buildings going to shape the future of Building Automation?
– How does the Internet of Things help the Building Automation Industry to Rethink and Reinvent Business services such as Predictive Maintenance?

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear Chris discuss his vision for the future of the Building Automation Industry and the impact that the Internet of Things will have on the Built Environment.

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