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trivum Offers SC044 Multiroom Audio System with KNX Support

With the new SC044 from trivum Technologies you can feel your music now. Thanks to the extra-subwoofer outputs for even richer sound.


Enjoy all your custom music: kitchen, bathroom, hallway and living room are just one example of a 4-Zone-System. Or group your zones and fill your whole apartment with the latest party sounds.


Whether mono, stereo, sub or satellite – with the new Zone-Mapping function of the SC044 you choose what goes out over the line outputs. Anything is possible, from six stereo to twelve mono line outputs.

Subwoofer outputs

You need more bass? One click and you transform a simple mono output to a Subwoofer output. Up to 12 Subwoofer outputs are possible. Similarly, the mono outputs can be configured for satellite speakers.

More features:

4x FM RDS tuner
4x streaming vlients
4x trigger ports
2x digital I/O ports
KNX support

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