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Ivory Egg Launches New ‘3-Day Technician’ and ‘2-Day Partner’ KNX Courses

Number of UK KNX Integrators Set to Soar

Ivory Egg is proud to announce the launch of its brand new KNX courses: ‘3-Day Technician’ and ‘2-Day Partner’, replacing the standard KNX Basic Certification course.

Ivory Egg Launches New KNX Courses

Splitting the courses enables the KNX industry to grow quicker; ensuring integrators have the core skills to complete a project after qualifying as a KNX Technician in just 3 days.

The new KNX Association approved courses offer integrators the flexibility to complete the training in two stages with minimal impact on business schedules.

The 3-Day Technician course will deliver the core essentials on lighting, heating and blind control, equipping integrators with the skills required to specify, design, commission and support a KNX installation. With project specific activities integrators will have the confidence and competence to complete a project.

Once a certified KNX Technician, integrators can complete the 2-Day Partner course to achieve internationally recognised KNX Partner status. This in-depth course delivers the vital theory as issued by the KNX Association. Giving integrators a sound knowledge of KNX to accompany practical experience gained from the first course.

With the continuous evolvement of KNX and home automation, it was time to adapt and enhance the training to reflect the developments within the industry.

Both courses are CEDIA CEU accredited with 9 CEUs for the 3-Day Technician course and 6 CEUs for completing the 2-Day Partner course.

“Over 8 years’ experience delivering the standard KNX Certification course has enabled us to identify a better way to give integrators the best possible start with KNX.” Says Mark Warburton, Technical Director.

“When system integrators complete training, we believe it is important they leave with more than just “how KNX works”. This is why we have redesigned the courses, allowing us to focus on the underlying concepts of controlling heating, lighting and blinds as well what it takes to deliver a KNX project in just 3 days.”

The next training dates are:

3-Day Technician – 25th – 27th July 2016
3-Day Technician 15th – 17th Aug 2016
3-Day Technician 19th – 21st Sept 2016

2-Day Partner – 8th – 9th Aug 2016
2-Day Partner – 3rd – 4th Oct 2016

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