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London Underground Approves FS Cables KNX Cable for use on its Transport System

While similar in construction to the standard 2 pair green cable, the LU version has undergone extensive redesign to meet the requirements of LUL 1-085 A3:2011 and is now suitable for installations in stations covered by Section 12, having been independently tested by BRE and 4-Rail Services.

It is clearly identified from the standard cable with a white stripe along the jacket and comes with full batch traceability.

Available from stock, the cable is held on 100m, 200m or 500m reels and available cut to length. From our distribution centre north of London, next-day and same-day deliveries to sites across London ensure your projects run on time.

As an open protocol, KNX enables the integration of all aspects of building control through a single system. Lighting, heating, air conditioning, as well as critical systems such as monitoring and smoke ventilation all communicate to create a safe an efficient network.

As a member of the KNX association, FS Cables offer various KNX certified cables from stock for next working-day delivery.

Non-LU approved cables included the standard 2 pair in green, white version or duct / armoured external versions. A 1 pair cable is also available from stock.

These cables have been tested by the KNX association as being suitable for use on KNX systems and bear the KNX logo. This ensures their quality, reliability and guaranteed compatibility with all KNX devices and equipment.

Stocked on bulk reels of 100m, 200m and 500m or offered cut-to-length, these cables are delivered next working-day as standard to most of mainland UK, free on orders over £100.

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