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KNX Association General Assembly Elects New Executive Board

The new KEB will have strong focus on KNX IoT and expanding the scale of applications shared by KNX technology.

KNX Association has announced its new Board and President following elections which took place at its recent General Assembly in Frankfurt (Germany). The Assembly has voted for Franz Kammerl (Siemens Switzerland Ltd) to serve as President for a second consecutive five-year term with Dr. Herbert Schliffke (Insta Elektro Gmbh) as Vice President.

KNX Executive Board

The new KNX Executive Board (KEB) will represent the KNX organisation and serve all members, helping to promote the continued growth and adoption of the KNX standard in home and building control applications across the globe. As part of its international strategy, and under the leadership of Franz Kammerl, the Board will focus on KNX IoT, KNX Secure and expanding the scale of applications shared by KNX technology.

The 14-strong KNX Executive Board brings together an impressive range of KNX expertise and know-how across diverse fields and applications in the complete home and building automation sector. The new Board comprises Harald Horst (ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH), Martin Herms (Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG), Adalbert M. Neumann (Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH), Dr. Matthias Bölke (Feller AG), Dirk Giersiepen (GIRA Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG), Johannes Hauck (HAGER Group), Dr. Herbert Schliffke (Insta Elektro GmbH), Martin Lindemann (Merten GmbH), Dr. Klaus Orth (Osram GmbH), Thomas Röhrl (Qundis GmbH), Jean-Christophe Krieger (Schneider Electric Industries S.A.), Hans-Joachim Langels (Siemens AG), Franz Kammerl (Siemens Switzerland Ltd) and Thomas Sell (Theben AG).

“I am delighted to welcome all members to this new KNX Executive Board,” says Franz Kammerl. “The strength of the Board across all KNX disciplines is very impressive, especially with the addition of the lighting and metering expertise that Osram and Qundis representatives will provide. We are well placed to lead the global strategic direction of the KNX Association and grow its adoption in the years ahead.”

“We are also looking forward to the opportunities presented by the development of KNX IoT and the further evolution of KNX Secure,” adds Franz Kammerl. “These are important application areas that will help members increase deployment of KNX technology, meet customer expectations and expand their business in KNX.”

Since its introduction in 1990, KNX has transformed residential, commercial, public and industrial building automation applications. The standard provides an open, reliable and easy to install approach for controlling lighting, blinds, security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, (HVAC), water supply and irrigation, energy management, smart metering, fault finding and remote monitoring systems as well as household appliances, audio-video technology and more.

Today, over 410 manufacturers develop and supply compatible devices and technologies for over 7,000 certified KNX product groups to a customer base of almost 50,000 KNX certified installers, operating in over 140 countries across the globe.

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