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NETxAutomation Introduces BMS Server Interface for Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer Projects

Integrators, who use the HomeServer/FacilityServer from Gira for their projects can benefit from the features of the NETx BMS Server. The NETx BMS Server is an extensive solution for the integration of different fieldbus technologies and application specific systems above all KNX, but also BACnet, Modbus, etc. Due to a new interface to the HomeServer/FacilityServer a bidirectional exchange of data points between the NETx BMS Server and the HomeServer/FacilityServer is possible. Information from all technologies, that are supported by the NETx BMS Server, can now be used from HomeServer/FacilityServer. Among them

• BACnet
• Modbus
• MICROS Fidelio/Opera
• Protel
• VingCard

Additional protocols can be implemented by integrators or on request.

Hence, KNX projects, that have been realized with the HomeServer/FacilityServer can be extended by the above mentioned technologies. Due to this interface new possibilities for HomeServer/FacilityServer projects arise:

Integration of hotel management systems

The interface allows an exchange of information (e.g. check-in and -out information, guest name) between hotel management systems like MICROS Fidelio/Opera and the HomeServer/FacilityServer. Thus, check-in information might be used for activating the air conditioning or changing to comfort mode.

Integration of Modbus meters for smart metering

The NETx BMS Server requests measured values from smart meters (Modbus meters) and forwards this information to the HomeServer/FacilityServer.

HVAC Integration via BACnet

The NETx BMS Server acts as gateway between BACnet devices and the HomeServer/FacilityServer. Therefore, so-called V-links connect BACnet objects uni- or bidirectional with communication objects of the HomeServer/FacilityServer.

Integration of other OPC servers

In this case OPC items are collected by the NETx BMS Server and forwarded to the HomeServer/FacilityServer.

Realization of large projects with clustering

It is possible to integrate several Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer into one single NETx BMS Server to realize large building automation projects and control them from a central point.

Using the available import wizard the data can directly be imported from the HomeServer/FacilityServer into the NETx BMS Server, which ensures an easy configuration. Name, structure and data type are transferred. Afterwards, the communication objects can be used like any data point like connecting to other data points or adding of logical functions.

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