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11th KNX Awards Ceremony Honours Winners from Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America

Applications from 60 countries prove it: Worldwide system integrators realize impressive KNX projects.

A big show, excitement, cheering winners, laudations, and finally a lively relaxed party atmosphere – the KNX Awards ceremony in the forum of Messe Frankfurt burst once again all dimensions. Awarding selected KNX projects started 20 years ago at a modest scale. Nowadays it is the absolute top event of the world’s biggest fair for lighting and building technology “light + building”. System integrators and installers from 60 countries applied for the coveted award. The jury considered 35 projects to be worth for being nominated.

The applications for the KNX Award reflect the worldwide market trend of the KNX Technology. Currently Asia is the focus of the increasing spread of KNX. Submitted projects from Australia and Latin America have the highest percentage growth compared to 2014. Whereas previously applicants from Germany and Switzerland remained among themselves, nowadays projects from Europe and overseas are maintaining the balance.

Winners of the KNX Awards 2016

Once again KNX Association announced the KNX Award in eight categories: “International Europe”, “International Asia”, “International Africa, America and Australia”, “Publicity”, “Special”, “Energy Efficiency”, “Young” and “People’s Choice”. Among the applications, being particularly original and sustainable, one project of each category found its way to the winner’s podium at the 11th award ceremony on March 15th, 2016. More than 1500 guests from 82 countries were fascinated by the Top Event. The proud winners among the applicants coming from far and near received certificates and trophies handed over by prominent laudators: Mrs. Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Senior Vice President, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Mr. Thomas Carlsson, President, European Association of Electrical Contractors (AIE), Mr. Geert van der Meer, CEO of the Business Unit Digital System from OSRAM, the 400th KNX Member, Mr. Joost Demarest, CTO KNX Association International, Mr. David Thurow, President of KNX National Group USA, Mr. Karl Heinz Bertram, Vice President, German Association of Electrical Contractors (ZVEH), Mr. Adalbert Neumann, Board Member of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer’s Association (ZVEI), Division Electrical Installation Systems, Mr. Franz Kammerl, President KNX Association International.

The award includes price money of 1.000 Euro for each category. The awarded projects briefly described below show a variety of smart solutions based on KNX and prove the professional competence of system integrators worldwide.


Even phantoms in a castle would praise this project. In order to ensure a comfortable, secure and economic use and thus the continued existence of Castle Biljoen in Velp, Netherlands, the owners made their decision for KNX when an extensive renovation had to be carried out. Due to the combination of TP- and RF-components the preservation requirements could be met and annoying installations avoided. The System Integrator, Hevac Controls, Eindhoven, got the first prize in the category International Europe for the elaborate installation of an up- to-date building technology in a historical ambiance. One of the special features is the visualization “HC Living”, which allows the guests to control lighting, curtains and indoor climate by iPad or IPhone wherever they are in the castle.


The project “Alibaba Beijing Office Block” in Hangzhou, China, reflects the current importance of KNX in Asia. The headquarters of the biggest Chinese online retailer provides space for more than 8000 employees on 31 floors. Besides the remarkable extent of 5200 KNX components for lighting, shading, air conditioning and remote control by smart phones, the intelligent connection to the company management system is very impressive as well. It means in effect an optimized office organization, comfort and maximum energy efficiency. The jury was impressed by the KNX installation and conferred the International Award Asia to the System Integrator Hangzhou D-Haus Tech. Co., Ltd

International Africa, America and Australia

The awarded project “Melbourne Super House” in Australia shows what creative work with KNX can provide. To name but a few extraordinary applications like RGB lighting control at the pool, cooling in the wine cellar, automatic sliding doors, golf simulator, the System Integrator Sagar Smart Homes, Melbourne, found a KNX solution for everything. The owner fulfilled his life’s dream with a luxury villa with 3000 square meters on 4 floors. The automation has to comply with his high demands on comfort, to ensure efficient energy use and support the building management. Here the KNX system shows its unparalleled versatility for all trades like lighting, blind control, air conditioning, domestic appliances, alarm systems, monitoring, audio/video visualization and remote control.


The awarded project is located in Mexico, so to say an emerging market for building automation. The new Samsung International Show Room in Mexico City promises audiovisual experiences. While visitors test the products of the international electronics company on their way through the 480 square meter show room, the KNX installation is working in the background. It controls event scenarios and audio/video presentations as well as functions like room climate, blinds, domestic appliances and energy consumption. User interface is a Samsung tablet which also guides through the exhibition. Thus the KNX project of the System Integrators TROnik Edificios Inteligentes SA de CV also creates curiosity for home automation.


When in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, the fire brigade is forced to go into action, KNX has already done its job. In the new fire station Forsthaus West-Bern an alarm automatically triggers a predefined sequence of switching operations, which help to support a quick action: the alarm lighting in corridors, dormitories and common rooms is activated, KNX push buttons are flashing red, loudspeakers inform about the intervention and the doors of the vehicle depot are opened. In total 620 KNX devices control lighting and shading, monitor faults and manage the car park. This special application left such a good impression at the jury that it conferred the Special Award to the system integrator Ingenieurunternehmen Bering AG, Bern.

Energy Efficiency

“La Verda Suits and Villas Dubai Marina” are located in the middle of the famous skyscraper skyline and the artificial landscapes of Dubai– the pure luxury of a five star hotel on 120 000 square meters. In the buildings comfortable living at the highest level as well as the requirements of the international green building are supported by KNX automation. 6500 KNX devices control 150.000 points for lighting, blinds and HVAC. This results in energy savings of 30 to 40 percent. But also the technical highlights like the integration of the hotel management software, the car park management and the fire alarm system enable efficient organizational processes and increase safety and comfort for the guests. Thus the KNX system, installed by Total Automation Co LLC, Dubai, is worth its price.


The Young Award appreciates experimental projects of young people who – in doing so -develop strategies for learning concepts and unconventional KNX applications. The students of the Rumanian Initiative EFdeN, Bucharest, can be very proud of having received the award. They developed and realized an intelligent and sustainable house. It is a 130 square meter building equipped with energy efficient technologies like solar system, heat pump and heat recovery. They decided to use KNX for the integral building automation, because other systems could be integrated without any problem and it was easy to learn how to implement it. The project shall be a model for future residential projects in the cities

People’s Choice

One’s favorite project for the People’s Choice Award could be selected from numerous applications presented in the internet. 18.5% of all casted votes made the KNX installation “Werkhof TBGN” of Soltris GmbH, Näfels, Schweiz, the winner of the award. The project is an office building of an electrical grid operator. Thus energy efficiency belongs to the concerns of the company. Therefore it was evident to realize a reference project, where KNX controls the use of energy and cares for an ideal working environment. The realized applications are:” Minergie” modules for room comfort, the complete integration of all trades as well as a full version visualization and restricted versions on workplace level.

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