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STEINEL Professional and TRILUX Develop LiveLink Light Management System

Light management, revolutionary and simple – everywhere

Fast configuration and intuitive handling: developed in cooperation between STEINEL PROFESSIONAL and lighting specialists TRILUX, the innovative LiveLink light management system makes entering the world of sensor-controlled lighting particularly easy. Special LiveLink sensors from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL make it possible to use the light-management system in virtually any segment and any application.

Tailored to specific room situations and detection needs, sensors from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL provide the basis for the decentralised DALI-based LiveLink light-management system. They identify room usage and the level of light prevailing there, and automatically switch light on when persons are present in the room. The LiveLink sensors are so sensitive that they can detect even the smallest of movements, such as typing on a keyboard. This prevents light from being switched off when it’s still needed. Lighting is managed by constant-lighting control in relation to daylight for maximum energy efficiency. In combination with the specially developed LiveLink control unit, TRILUX DALI lights are controlled and turned on and off either semi- or fully automatically.

The highly sensitive LiveLink sensors from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL have been developed for various room types and spaces, such as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, corridors or warehouses. This means that there are virtually no limits to using the LiveLink light-management system.

The latest LiveLink sensors at a glance:

IR Quattro HD LiveLink
Extremely high-resolution passive infrared presence detector with square detection zone of typical room shape for use in high spaces.
4800 switching zones, 4 pyro sensors, 64 sq.m. presence detection zone, mounting height max. 10 m.

IR Micro LiveLink
High-resolution, all-new sensor system with patented multi-segment pyro sensor. Extremely compact dimensions, 4 m x 4 m presence detection zone

IR Quattro SLIM XS LiveLink
Very slim IR presence detector for installing in mounting boxes, high-quality retina lens, 16 sq.m. presence detection zone. For watching over individual workstations.

DUAL HF LiveLink
Special high-frequency corridor sensor for detecting movement in two directions with a maximum reach of 20 x 3 metres.

Light Sensor Dual LiveLink
Brightness sensor for diffuse light measurement for monitoring room brightness as well for directed light measurement for watching over areas below the sensor.

IS 345 MX Highbay LiveLink
Infrared motion detector for watching over narrow aisles in high-bay warehouses. Reach max. 30 x 4 metres. Mounting height up to 14 m.

IS 3360 MX Highbay LiveLink
Long-reach infrared motion detector for industrial buildings and commercial properties. Extra-large detection zone, mounting height up to 14 metres.

Always the right solution

Livelink combines knowledge of architectural conditions and various segment-specific requirements. It provides electrical fitters and users with professional and yet simple and secure access to the possibilities of lighting control. This way, almost every segment and application can benefit from LiveLink because it caters to any scenario and standard. If required, LiveLink components can also be installed in a KNX building automation system using the LiveLink KNX gateway.

Decentralised light-management system

What used to be very complex and time-consuming can now be configured with LiveLink in just a few minutes without any specialist knowledge or programming experience. Operation is simple and intuitive via tablet or smartphone. The LiveLink app provides step-by-step guidance through the installation process. Common application scenarios, such as in an office or classroom, are stored as so-called Use Cases and make planning particularly simple. Special, highly sensitive LiveLink sensors from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL permit precision lighting control in line with room use and the prevailing level of daylight. LiveLink makes it possible to reduce energy and running costs by 50 percent and more.

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