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ABB Presents its Millenium Access Control KNX System for Hotels

ABB, a global leader in power and automation, is presenting the Millenium Access Control which offers comprehensive solutions and convenient functionalities with KNX.

Top hotels such as the 447-room Mövenpick Hotel Riyadh in the Saudi Arabian capital, the 471-room Mövenpick Tower in Dubai, the 150-room Holiday Inn in Turin and other exclusive hotels such as NeroCubo in Rovereto, Trentino, with its 22 rooms, all depend on the innovative ABB security technology: the Millenium Access Control system. It simplifies all the functions and control mechanisms that are required in hotels. Millenium Access Control covers all major areas in one comprehensive solution: from check-in and controlled access, to guests’ presence and lighting control in the room.

Increased security and energy efficiency

The Millenium Access Control system simplifies and centralizes the monitoring of all hotel functions. Specifically, the software assists hotel staff during check-in and check-out, as well as when programing room keys. In addition, it allows staff to check whether a room is ready for guests, if the minibar needs re-stocking or if the room is ready to be cleaned (only in combination with the intelligent card-holder).

Along with the service side, security is also very important. Key cards are used to access the rooms, they have to be held in front of the transponder which is installed outside the hotel room. The transponder also registers the guest’s presence in their hotel rooms. The TV and lights only work when someone is in the room. The room’s air conditioning system ensures the highest level of comfort. This innovative solution is highly energy efficient and reduces costs.

The room keys use MIFARE technology, one of the most widely used smart card technologies worldwide. MIFARE grants a better security, if necessary, through encryption, a higher speed when exchanging data and multi-application. Since contactless MIFARE cards can be available with separate memory sectors, it can be used in different applications.

KNX control for the highest level of comfort

KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building automation. In particular, KNX-based solutions by ABB provide perfect access control for the hotel business. After the transponder has read the key card and provided access to the room, the appropriate room settings can be controlled using the KNX room controller. For example, it regulates the lights, temperature, fresh air, blinds and even the TV power. Technologically advanced, powerful and customizable: KNX systems are suited to every building and every task.

New software

The Millenium Access Control system is based on the MiniMAC 4.1, a complete supervision and configuration software. One of its main tasks is to program the key card when the guest checks in. Special access cards can be made for staff, allowing them to check a room’s status (e.g. minibar or cleaning). The room temperature and load management settings are recorded on the card and linked to the KNX controller. The software makes it possible to track who used the key card, and when, on a long- term basis.

Product advantages

– Easy for staff to control room management
– Increased guest comfort thanks to the home and building automation
– Optimized and exact control using the new software
– Uses proven MIFARE technology
– KNX system offers versatile combinations

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