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Gira Introduces E3 Switch Range with Rounded Corners and Soft-Touch Surfaces

Gira E3: carrying on the System 55 success story

With Gira E3, the solution provider is moving forward with exceptionally responsive switch ranges, complementing its range of modern building technologies. In deliberate contrast to the linear, strict form of the E2 line, Gira is pursuing a soft design with the E3. Gentle, rounded contours and the soft-touch surfaces of the cover frames give modern building technology an attractive, contemporary look. This blends well with the distinctive colour scheme of the cover frame: an exclusive collection of subtle and warm greys and browns, developed by Gira using the NCS colour system (Natural Colour System®©). A multitude of individual design variants resulting from the combination of cover and carrier frames as well as inserts in anthracite or pure glossy white.

Since the Gira E3 was developed for the System 55, it already includes more than 300 intelligent building technology functions. On the other hand, a new chapter in Gira’s System 55 success story will be added with this switch range. After all, the idea continues to prove its worth: the striking square with 55 mm edge length is the standard size of all inserts. At the same time, it serves as the operational window, not only for existing building functions, but for future ones as well. This ensures that the Gira System 55 will meet changing market requirements even in the future. What makes it so unique? On the one hand, the result of the five insert colours together with the six compatible Gira switch ranges and their colour and material variants is an array of combinations, thus maximising design freedom–suitable for all furnishing needs and every style of living. On the other hand, the System 55 is based on a stringent system logic, which, despite the wide variety and high complexity, results in a surprisingly slim range, allowing for more efficient stock-keeping and high availability, to the delight of planners, tradesmen and wholesalers.

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