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ABB Enhances its Lighting Control Portfolio

ABB, a global player in power and automation, is expanding its product range in lighting control with redesigned DALI potentiometers, an LED dimmer KNX and a new version of the successful UP rotary dimmer launched in 2012. The range will be introduced in Germany, Netherlands and Austria under the Busch-Jaeger brand – a member of the ABB Group. With its new, particularly flexible and powerful devices, ABB provides attractive solutions for a wide range of applications in residential and functional buildings. The program is complemented by the ZigBee Light Link radio system.

DALI and KNX key system for lighting control in building automation

DALI potentiometers are available in two different versions: with or without power pack. Both versions work in broadcast operation and therefore enable standard control of all connected DALI operational devices, including electronic control gear (EVG), power dimmers and transformers. The products are ABB´s response to the requirements of a constantly expanding market for DALI systems.

The range of functions of the redesigned DALI potentiometers conform to the new ‘Device-Type 8’ DALI standard and enables virtually seamless changes of light colour and brightness with LED lights/lamps in white light between 2700 Kelvin (warm white) and 6500 Kelvin (neutral white). The potentiometers, integrated into commercially available 40 mm flush-mounted sockets, are compatible with the standard rotary dimmer knob from various ABB/Busch-Jaeger light switch ranges.

LED dimmers for easy and reliable dimming of LED lights

ABB started its cooperation with Philips, the world’s leading manufacturer of LED lamps and LED lights in 2010, by developing LED dimmers. The focus was on compatibility between LED lamps and dimmers working together in perfect harmony and adjusting brightness is just as flicker-free and homogenous as the bulb dimmers of the past. Now ABB has redesigned the range. The new LED dimmers for retrofit LEDs can also dim electronic transformers with pure C characteristics, in contrast with their predecessors.

Another positive feature: The LED dimmers are compatible with many of today’s standard lamps. This means both products can also dim 230 V halogen lamps, 230 V halogen low-energy lamps and low voltage halogen lamps with standard, inductive transformers and electronic LC transformers.

Two new four channel dimmers for the KNX standard

ABB is expanding its range for the KNX standard with two new four channel dimming actuators. The new devices control a RGB or RGBW-LED module or up to four individual, white LED modules, for example. The dimmers were designed especially for controlling LED modules with constant voltage.

A dimmer comprises an integrated power pack to control 24 VDC LEDs. The other built-in unit is supplied without a power pack, requiring an external power pack to control 12 to 24 V DC LEDs.

With the new redesigned solutions, ABB is expanding its lighting control range and meeting current market growth in this segment, which is expected to continue in the future.

DALI potentiometer advantages

* Light color in white LED lights/lamps according to ‘Device-Type 8’ seamlessly adjustable between
2700 Kelvin (warm white) and 6500 Kelvin (neutral white)
* Potentiometer available with or without power pack
* Broadcast operation possible
* Harmonious and flicker-free dimming
* Integrated directional light in 18 color and brightness levels
* Extension unit operation with up to 5 DALI dimmers in one system possible
* Compatible with all central disks with rotary knobs in ABB/Busch-Jaeger light switch ranges
* Memory function and excellent surface feel with the rotary potentiometer
* Background brightness, switch on brightness and power on level can be set with power failure protection
* Electronic protection against connection failure, voltage or current surges

LED dimmer advantages

* Universal dimmer with manual switching between phase on and phase off section
* For resistive, inductive and capacitive loads (RLC)
* Reliable and comfortable dimming of low-energy LED lamps
* Coordinated with exchange lamps (retrofit LEDs)
* Two models for rotary adjuster respectively press and sensor switch
* For flush-mounted socket and switch cabinet
* Safe function and user-friendly
* Brightness adjuster backward compatible – also suitable for 230 V halogen lights, 230 V halogen low-energy lights and low voltage halogen lights with standard, inductive transformers and electronic
LC transformers
* No buzzing or humming with transistor technology
* Harmonious and flicker-free dimming

Four channel dimmer advantages

* Controls up to 4 channels per device
* Controls an RGB or RGBW-LED lamp
* Install directly in the lamp
* A version with integrated power pack and overheating and overload protection
* Implemented color frequency
* Harmonious and flicker-free dimming
* Specially developed for controlling LED modules with constant voltage

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