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ABB Introduces i-bus KNX IP Interface and IP Router

Connecting KNX to IP networks

The new range of ABB i-bus KNX IP devices, consisting of IP interface and IP router, can be used in all applications in which KNX shall be interfaced to IP networks.

The IP interface is especially suitable to connect visualization systems and ETS software to the KNX bus, therefore it features 5 tunneling servers allowing up to 5 IP clients to simultaneously build up a connection.

The IP router can be used additionally as fast line and area coupler for KNX installations. Both devices can be powered via a separate 12 – 30 V DC power supply or via Power over Ethernet (PoE), saving space in the distribution board. Furthermore, the new range supports the ABB i-bus which significantly facilitates the installation and commissioning.


– 5 Tunneling Server available, simultaneous usage of interface / router with up to 5 IP clients (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) enabling cost savings and additional comfort for end users
– Power supply via PoE is supported (IEEE 802.3af Class 1), no additional 12V – 30V DC power supply is needed in distribution if PoE switch is used
– i-bus Tool for IP discovery and FW update available facilitating installation and commissioning
– Standard multicast communication within the IP router can be switched to unicast allowing usage in IT networks in which multicast communication is not permitted

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