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Theben Announces FIX Series of KNX Universal Dimmer Actuators

Dimmable lamps, such as LEDs, halogen and energy-saving lamps, can be dimmed infinitely with the new KNX universal dimmer actuators from Theben’s FIX1 and FIX2 series. In view of the increasing number of connected LED lamps with small wattages, multiple channels provide greater freedom of design.

The times of high wattages are over. Today, the art is in dimming LEDs with small wattages. Theben is keeping abreast of this trend and now offers a 4 x 200 W and an 8 x 200 W dimming actuator. This allows you to switch several LEDs with just one actuator. The new universal dimmer actuators cover the entire range of lamps: from dimmable incandescent lamps and low-voltage/high-voltage halogen lamps, via dimmable LED lamps, through to energy-saving lamps. The highlights are the dimming curves stored in the KNX programming software ETS. They correct the dimming response depending on the lamp used, ensuring an infinitely variable control. Furthermore, new dimming curves can be imported, e.g. of future lamps. Thanks to this updatability, the KNX universal dimmer actuators offer a very high investment security.

The KNX universal dimmer actuators are available in two versions. The FIX1 version (DM 4-2 T KNX) has four outputs, while the FIX2 version (DM 8-2 T KNX) has eight outputs. The dimming output is 200 W/VA per channel, while channel 1 + 2 and/or channel 3 + 4 can be operated in parallel (dimming output of 400 W/VA in parallel operation). On the 200 W actuators, quick function tests allow start-up via 4 buttons (25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and 100 %).

The Theben KNX universal dimmer actuators are suited for R, L, and C-loads and have an LED switching status display for each channel, as well as an automatic load detection (which can be deactivated). The compact housing (4 TE or 8 TE) reduces the space requirement in the switch cabinet.

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