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GDS Digital Systems Launches KNX 4X10A LED Dimmer with Embedded RGB Function and Energy Measurement

GDS Digital Systems Ltd has launched a new constant-voltage LED dimmer with unique functions. The device will be presented at Light + Building 2016 on the TAPKO booth Hall 9.0 E10.

GDS KNX 4X10A LED Dimmer

The device is a constant-voltage dimmer featuring the following:

• Voltage range: 12VDC – 36 VDC. Two independent power sources can be connected.

• The dimmer can be operated as 4-channel (10A/channel), 3-channel (20A,10A,10A), 2-channel (30A,10A) or 1-channel (40A).

• Full manual mode operation located under the connection block’s cover ensures safe manual operation and prevents accidental use.

• LED status indicators for channel operation and fault indications.

• RGB function. Via parameterisation can be configured as RGB + White dimmer. RGB can be programmed via 8-bit objects, 16-bit objects and 4-bit objects. The last unique feature allows the end user to set and store the desired colour and brightness using only two push buttons from, for example, a wall KNX push-button device.

• Safety features: Current limiter, short-circuit output protection with infinite short-circuit time. Over-temperature protection with automatic temperature compensation. The device recovers automatically from protection mode when the cause of the problem disappears.

• Emergency lighting mode as highest priority function.

• Measurements available to KNX bus for each channel: Current, Voltage, Power, Energy, Channel Temperature.

• Fault detection: sources of fault detection can be any of the above measurements. In addition, current thresholds can be set to detect damaged LEDs.

• ‘Device alive’ configurable telegrams sent on the bus.

• Configurable behaviour on bus failure, bus return. The device stores present state at any time which can be recalled after reset or failure event.

• Full ETS4 / ETS5 database with plenty of features: logic gates with 4 inputs, configurable input and output inversion and separate input and output objects to the bus. Ramp function, time functions (delays, staircase), scenes, disable function, emergency lighting mode, eye curve correction in RGB mode.

Pricing and Availability

The KNX 4X10A LED Dimmer will be commercially available after July 2016. There is a special offer of 90 Euros each for the first 1000 devices to be ordered at the Light + Building show as samples. Catalogue prices will be announced in July 2016.

Company Background

GDS is the leading company in Greece dealing with KNX systems. Was founded in 1996 and has been successful as system integrator. GDS has received 3 times a KNX award. Has completed more than 2000 projects in Greece, UK, Italy, Monaco and Cyprus. It maintains close relation to universities and academic institutions and has developed R&D activities by participating in R&D projects. GDS is the official system partner of Schneider Electric in Greece and member of Greek KNX national Group. It is staffed with highly qualified engineers most of them with PhDs and Master degrees. Since July 2012 GDS is a KNX member company and has already released devices and methods interfacing KNX to alarm systems. GDS focuses in energy saving by developing devices and methods and it is research member in autonomous energy production using green – alternative innovative methods.

For additional information, contact GDS Digital Systems Ltd:
Telephone +30 2108071288

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