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Memoori Unlocking the Value of Data in Smart Buildings Webinar

Memoori Research presents the 2nd FREE Webinar in its 2016 Smart Building Series kindly sponsored by Tridium on Tuesday 23rd February, 4pm GMT.

Memoori Unlocking the Value of Data in Smart Buildings Webinar

Webinar Highlights…

While advancements in building technology have made buildings greener, smarter and more comfortable than those we were building a hundred years ago, commercial buildings still remain largely analog, disconnected from each other and from the Internet. Despite the fact that the commercial building industry represents 15% of GDP.

We have yet to take buildings to the 21st century and enable the type of software innovation which has already transformed virtually all large verticals of our economy.

So how do we remove the barriers preventing software technology from entering the building domain, in order to unlock new opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, and operational improvements?

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear Vladi Shunturov, a genuine industry thought leader, discuss his passion for advancing the use of software to unlock the data in Smart Buildings.

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