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Memoori Smart Buildings need Smart Thinking! Webinar

Memoori Smart Buildings need Smart Thinking! Webinar

Join us on Wednesday 20th January for our 1st FREE Webinar in the 2016 Smart Building Series, sponsored by Tridium.

Webinar Highlights…

The built environment in some way impacts everyone’s life and there is much evidence of the effect that homes and other buildings have on wellbeing.

We need to think about whether we are getting carried away with the solutions we are used to providing, to the detriment of really thinking about what problems we should be solving in the first place.

What is needed is shift from product to service, a service that is provided through ‘smart’ buildings that are seamless integrated holistic systems. What the building does being the value that is sold, not the building itself.

Featured Guest

Q&A with Innovative Design-Thinker & Principal at through Paul Fletcher. Paul has 15 years of experience as an independent client adviser, assisting government departments, NGOs, industry organisations and leading design and construction firms. He has a passion for advancing the relevance of the built environment.

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