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dakanimo Introduces kamereon KNX Switch with a Natural Wood Surface

dakanimo continues its campaign of conquest in the high-quality interior design segment. With “kamereon” – made of wood – dakanimo expanded its range to include an individual solution for upscale design from natural materials.

As individual as the grain of each switch so inimitably shines this LED lighting: the natural fibre structure of the wood always creates its own variations of light penetration.

In 2014 dakanimo created “kamereon” a KNX switch which interacts with its owner: feedback via vibration, noise and the individual lights LED RGB color space. And in terms of manufacturing, the Hamburg company enables each customer maximum individualization of the switch.

The creative minds of dakanimo have now developed a switch for individualists with a surface made of natural materials.

“The character of kamereon should not be altered or restricted. The touch of fine wood surface alone was quite an experience for the senses, but of course a new surface could only be created if they would fully enable the optical experience,” said Dr. Sven Bär, owner and CEO of dakanimo GmbH.

This balancing act between an optically closed surface of the natural material and the same translucent RGB LEDs has been made possible by a highly sensitive CNC milling. Exactly to the thousandth of a millimeter light channels are incorporated into the wood here.

The result is impressive: the light shines through the surface and merges with the individual character of the wood grain. In the end no “kamereon” – made of wood – is alike another. Each switch is unique.

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