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Gira Introduces 6-Gang KNX Heating Actuator

For even more efficiency

The new Gira KNX heating actuator, 6-gang, controls the heating circuit. It operates electrothermic actuators on radiators or underfloor heating manifolds to control the hot-water flow. The device provides solutions for convection heaters and radiators, underfloor heating, climate-controlled floors as well as for heating and cooling ceilings. The areas of application are comprehensive, the actuator is suitable for residences as well as for commercial properties like office buildings, schools and hotels.

The new Gira KNX heating actuator, 6-gang, replaces the previous heating actuator 101800. The optimisations affect the hardware as well as the software. On the hardware side, the new device offers the well-known Gira user interface, i.e. manual operation with the familiar operating concept. The specialised craftsman can use this to control the connected valve drives. Particularly practical on the building site: Initial commissioning can be carried out manually using a newly integrated service mode, without the ETS software. This is ensured by the preset corrected variable of 50% and a cycle time of 20 minutes. In service mode de-energised closed valve drives with first-open function can also be activated. This means the system can work straight after installation and be used, for example, to dry out newly plastered rooms without having been fully parameterised yet.

In normal mode, the Gira KNX heating actuator reacts when the temperature reaches or deviates from a preset temperature value. This can be determined, for example, by the temperature sensor in the Gira 3 Plus push-button sensor, which signals the actuator to shut off the electrothermic valve drives or adjust the set point to a higher or lower value, as required. In contrast to its predecessor, the Gira KNX heating actuator can also control two 24 V valves per channel as well as 230 V valve drives.

On the software side, functions have been added mainly to make the heating system even more efficient than before and thus ultimately save heating costs too. The Gira KNX heating actuator can now be used to send a heating demand request to the burner or the circulation pump in order to quickly correct even large differences between setpoint and actual temperature. Intelligent valve flushing prevents limescale formation in the heating system by carrying out regular flushing at predefined intervals. This in turn increases the lifetime of the heating system.

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