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Light + Building 2016: Where Modern Spaces Come to Life: Digital – Individual – Networked

• The world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building-services technology brings together around 2,500 exhibitors in Frankfurt am Main.

• Design and technology in harmony: new products and trends in 22 exhibition halls.

“Where modern spaces come to life: digital – individual – networked” is the motto of Light + Building 2016. The combination of lighting and building-services technology makes Light + Building the leading international trade fair with a spectrum of products unrivalled in terms of depth and breadth. The industry presents intelligent solutions, future oriented technologies and current design trends that not only make a building more economically efficient but also increase the standard of comfort, security, safety and architecture, as well as improve the user’s quality of life.

Light+Building 2014 Visitors

All market leaders have signed up for the trade fair from 13 to 18 March 2016 and the Exhibition Centre will be fully occupied. “We are delighted with the very good response from the exhibitor side, which shows that, with its combination of design and technology, Light + Building depicts the sector in its entirety and is the perfect platform for it. Therefore, we are confident that the coming edition of the world’s leading trade fair for the sector will be a complete success and are looking forward to the highlights to be seen there”, says Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt. Light + Building is in tune with the times and spotlights the subjects of topical interest to the sector. Thus, emphasis will be given not only to the latest trends in the lighting market and the influence of light on people but also to networked security, the intelligent house, building automation and efficient energy management.

One of the main themes of Light + Building 2016 will be on innovations in the field of safety and security technology. The integration of various security systems, such as video surveillance and admission control, and networking and incorporating them into the automatic building-services technology of smart homes and buildings, are important aspects of interest to both the sector and users.

At Light + Building 2016, visitors will be able to see all the latest products in this connection. Thus, numerous exhibitors will be showing their innovations and solutions for networked safety and security. Moreover, many of the events on the complementary programme will be specially tailored around themes relating to safety and security technology, e.g., expert lectures that explain current developments and describe the practical benefits of networked safety and security.

On the six days of the fair, the approx. 2,500 exhibitors present all the latest trends from the sector, which are also taken up in the multi-faceted programme of events and subjected to an in-depth review in expert lectures – a perfect blend for trade visitors wanting to inform themselves fully. Additionally, the international trade fair provides a clear overview of the market: it is divided into three main sectors – lighting, electrical engineering and home and building automation – in which national and international exhibitors present their products in 22 exhibition halls.

Design and technology in perfect harmony

The demand for a pleasant working and home environment is greater than ever before. Parallel to this, there are growing expectations on energy efficiency, safety and security, and comfort. The ever greater digitalisation and networking of electrical installation means users can benefit from individual solutions. This important aspect is also in the forefront of Light + Building through the integration of design and technology, which go hand in hand and only “bring modern spaces to life” when combined to made innovative and future-oriented complete systems.

‘Modern spaces’ are also the subject of the Digital Building special show, which reflects the motto of Light + Building, ‘Where modern spaces come to life’ and illustrates the leitmotif, ‘digital – individual – networked’ with a variety of technical solutions. The focus of the special show is on ‘rooms in functional buildings’. Digital Building shows examples of the technology and the systematic and networked interaction of the components in modern buildings. The latest developments are presented systematically and interlinked for various aspects of building-technology.

Digital light regulation: new dimensions for lighting design

With well thought-out and networked lighting control systems, it is not only possible to illuminate rooms perfectly but also to exploit various aspects, such as luminous colour and dimming to the full. Human centric lighting, i.e., the impact of light on our productivity and feeling of well-being, is a ground-breaking trend theme, which is becoming increasingly important for planning new buildings and making lighting a part of architecture. The trend in public-space planning is towards a multifarious and individual use of forms in lighting design. In the case of urban lighting, the result is not only maximum efficiency but also savings in costs. Visitors will be able to discover and learn about these and other trends, including design trends, for themselves at the world’s biggest platform for the lighting market, Light + Building.

Around 1,650 manufacturers will present the complete spectrum of products and services revolving around the subject of light: design luminaires in styles ranging from modern to classic, technical lighting and lamps of all kinds and for all applications, as well as a huge selection of lighting components and accessories. Visitors will be able to see tomorrow’s lighting on the 16 floors of Halls 1 to 6, 10 and the Forum. For example, design aficionados will be able to gain new inspiration in Hall 1. In Hall 3, visitors will find future-oriented technical innovations while, in Hall 5.0, the focus is on outdoor and street lighting. Decorative lighting for the contract and home are to be seen in Halls 5.1 and 6.1.

Valuable synergies in three product segments: electrical engineering, home and building automation and lighting

Through the combination of all technical disciplines, building automation plays an important role: the increasing use of networking and digitalisation in electrical installations increases the quality of life in both business premises and private dwellings. At Light + Building, the industry presents solutions and technologies aimed not only at low energy consumption and modern expectations of safety and security but also individual creative opportunities and a high degree of comfort.

For the electrical-engineering sector, the combination with home and building automation makes Light + Building the world’s most important platform for intelligent building-services technology. Trade visitors will find a vast range of products and services for energy-efficient building-system solutions, electrical installation and building infrastructure in Hall 8.0 while, in Hall 11.0, everything revolves around electrical-installation and network technology. Additionally, certain manufacturers show home and building-automation products in these two halls. Design-oriented electrical installations and building-system technology are located in Hall 11.1. With around 500 exhibitors, these three exhibition halls offer a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the fields of home and building automation and the smart powered building.

Home and building automation plays a vital role in integrated building planning and, therefore, at Light + Building because building-automation systems and innovative process, measuring and control technologies are vital aspects of integrative systems technology. In Hall 9.0, around 350 exhibitors present future-oriented solutions for home and building automation, as well as for the building infrastructure. Also to be found in this exhibition hall are energy-efficient building-system solutions and electrical installations.

In addition to the broad spectrum of products shown by the exhibitors, Light + Building is characterised by a multi-faceted complementary programme of events, the focus of which at the coming fair will be on safety and security technology, digital building, building information modelling (BIM), the smart powered building and trends in the lighting market. There are themed events for all trade visitors, e.g., architects, engineers, planners, interior architects, designers, craftspeople, the retail / wholesale trade and the industry – from special exhibitions, via expert lectures, to trend presentations.

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