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Divus Presents OnTableConsole for Touchzone

Having already presented a prototype of its OnTableConsole for Touchzone with 7″ display at the Eltefa2015 show in Stuttgart, Germany, Divus has finalised the product which is now available in different choices of wood, as well as varnished in black or white.

Advantages of the Divus Touchzone OnTableConsole

• Easy setup – no drilling, plastering or painting needed.
• Easy installation – plug and play network cable.
• Divus Touchzone visualizes the visualization apps in any KNX installation.
• Compatible building control with Divus, Jung, Gira, Hager, Berker and many more.
• Door communication with Divus Videophone for Divus, Siedle, Jung, Elcom, Ritto, Koch, Mobotix and SIP compatible systems.
• Talk, call or video chat with each other from room to room.
• Enjoy music in every room – music control with Sonos, Bose, Revox, Crestron, AMX.
• Secure communications throughout the network.
• Excellent technology with an elegant design – integrated and unobtrusive.
• Design that fits in any environment. Wood variants, walnut, maple, oak or glossy/matt lacquered black or white – something for every taste.


Simply plug in a network cable with PoE support into the TZ07, and plug in 24V DC power supply and Divus WLAN USB stick into the TZ07, and it is ready!

Touchzone OnTableConsole Applications

• Conference room: Control room functions (light, blinds, air conditioning), media control (projector, video, conference system), call system (door intercom and room to room communication).

• Apartments and houses: Looks great and fits on desks, shelves, bedsides or almost any other flat surface without taking too much space.

• Work desk: Touchpanel for controlling room functions, paging system, door intercom and indoor system.

• Reception: Keep everything under control at the doctor‘s office, dentist, pharmacy, office, hospital and laboratory.

Divus is available through Home of Technologies

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