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KNX Association Kicks-Off Preparations for the 25th Anniversary of KNX

KNX Association is pleased to kick-off the preparations for the 25th anniversary of KNX – The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control, on the 20th October 2015.

KNX is 25

For the 25th Anniversary of KNX, we invite the whole KNX community to celebrate the event by organising KNX events all over the world, which shall be the biggest event in KNX history. This does not only include the organising of KNX events worldwide, but also the highest possible raise of awareness for KNX.

Come and join any of the KNX events to be celebrated around the world. No matter where you might be, you will have the possibility to witness this memorable day to the fullest and tell your friends about the huge impact of the 25th anniversary of KNX. Full list of the events can be found here.

What awaits you at the 25th Anniversary of KNX?

The 25th anniversary of KNX will be the biggest event in KNX history. This does not only include the organising of more than 40 events worldwide, but also the highest possible raise of awareness for the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control. All events will be shared with the worldwide community via facebook, twitter, the KNX Website, KNX National Pages, etc.

The 25th Anniversary of KNX will be an event that the world will be talking about beyond the 20th of October and the year 2015!

Each KNX event will be part of the long lasting experience for the worldwide community. Focus of all activities will be “KNX city – From the Smart Building to the Smart City”

Next to presentations and showcasing of smart city solutions, each event will be accompanied by individual highlights, such as awarding of best projects in the local markets, etc.

Who should attend the 25th Anniversary of KNX?

You! No matter, if you are an end user, system integrator, installer, working with building technologies or just have a deep interest in building automation, everyone can benefit from the presentations and interesting networking opportunity.

Besides learning about the latest developments of the 25 years of success, each event will offer special treats, lucky drawings, free ETS licenses and many other special gifts

For all of those not attending the events, we will also tweet and post pictures, info and videos about it online at this page. Stay tuned!

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