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Russound Announces KNX to RIO Gateway for its RIO Controller Amplifiers

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The Russound KNX-RIO-1 Gateway is a device that allows KNX panels and keypads to operate Russound controller amplifiers that support the RIO protocol. The KNX-RIO-1 gateway supports control for up to 16 zones.

The KNX-RIO-1 can be configured in the standard KNX ETS Software program to perform a number of control functions, including basic Zone control and basic Source control. The KNX-RIO-1 also supported metadata feedback for those sources that support metadata (i.e. Russound Streamers) and KNX keypads and panels that can display the metadata.

The Russound KNX-RIO-1 has standard KNX Bus connections and two LED lights both Red and Green to indicate connection status and programming download status. There is an Ethernet connection for the KNX-RIO-1 to be connected to the local LAN and standard Ethernet connection status lights for that connection. The KNX-RIO-1 is installed on 35mm DIN Rails and is powered by the power supply for the DIN Rail.

Standard Features

Allows KNX keypads and panels to operate Russound controllers via RIO protocol
Connection to the local LAN for IP control
Supports up to 16 zones and 8 sources
Supports up to 32 System Favorites
Supports Source Metadata – Source Name, Channel, Playlist, Artist and Song Title
Standard KNX bus connection
LED indicators for programming status and connection status
Standard connection to DIN rail for power and ease of installation

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