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Gira Announces Docking Station for the Gira RDS Flush-Mounted Radio

Sheer music enjoyment

Music lovers used to be proud of their own record collections. Collections which could take up many metres of shelf space at that time now fit onto nearly all smartphones or MP3 players. This conserves space and is convenient because you can take your favourite music along with you anywhere and listen to it wherever and whenever you want. So, it is only logical that the Gira flush-mounted radio has been expanded with a docking station. Smartphones and MP3 players can be connected to the RDS flush-mounted radio without any problems, enormously expanding the radio’s functionality.

The docking station consists of a flush-mounted unit with a 230 V power supply. Various top units can be placed on the flush-mounted insert and subsequently exchanged. They feature the market-standard charger interfaces used by popular smartphone manufacturers and up to 8 audio sources can be assigned to the Gira docking station. In addition, the battery of the inserted device can be charged with electricity of max. 1 A at 5 V DC. Of course, the device can be charged even if you don’t want to play music.

However, smartphones need not be inserted in order to transfer music to the Gira docking station provided they remain within a certain radio range. This is due to the fact that Bluetooth is used to transfer audio. Those who fundamentally wish to forego charging batteries using the Gira docking station can mount the flush-mounted insert with a corresponding blind cover plate.

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