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Theben Offers New Solutions Brochure for Presence and Motion Detectors

Theben AG has included a huge variety of application examples for their presence and motion detectors in a comprehensive new solutions brochure . Planners can gain a detailed overview for various applications giving energy-efficient lighting control, indoors and outdoors.

With almost 80 pages, the Theben solutions brochure presents a selection of the most common applications of presence and motion detectors, such as offices, meeting rooms, building entrances, underground car parks or staircases. Furthermore, graphics illustrate what has to be kept in mind when placing the detectors in each individual situation , in order to reduce equipment costs and to maximize energy savings.

With a clear layout , planners can find the optimum Theben product for their specific application, right from the start. Compact background information explains major advantages and differences of presence and motion detectors . Further overviews detail the essential functions of the individual Theben devices. For each particular application area, various mounting options are described with clear graphics as well as the recommended Theben presence or motion detectors, including alternatives. The appendix provides the most important technical data of each individual product. The brochure also informs on the free Relux planning software for comfortable lighting simulation and correct positioning of the detectors. It can be used to plan complex lighting control concepts, quickly and safely. Theben has been a member of Relux since the spring of 2014 in the sensors product group.

The positive feedback shortly after the publication of the Theben solutions brochure proves that it significantly simplifies the optimum selection of the ideal presence or motion detectors for energy-efficient lighting control. The practical layout with an overview to get started, was particularly appreciated by the planners.

Faster to the right product – safer installation

Technical data and other product information such as dimension drawings or wiring diagrams are available at the Theben website. The comfortable product finder at shows you the shortest way to the desired presence and motion detectors. You can also find background knowledge on technologies, usage options and application advantages under or This applies to 230v or KNX rated products. You can also watch videos, as for instance on the correct mounting and installation of the new theLuxa motion detector line.

The new Theben solutions brochure for presence and motion detectors is now available for download at

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