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Kottmann Technology Introduces KOTT-SMART A Electronic Shower Display with KNX Support

Just in time for the start of the new year, Kottmann introduces its product innovation KOTT-SMART® A. With KOTT-SMART® A, we developed an electronic shower display, which not only displays the water consumption during showering, but also determines the efficiency class resulting from this and motivates the consumer to save water. Due to the detailed monitoring, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their own water consumption. This can lead to sustainable (cost) savings and thus an important contribution to environment protection. For a unique showering experience, a polar bear and the resource consumption are shown in the form of floating ice sheets.

Using KOTT-SMART A demonstrably reduces the household’s annual energy consumption by 440 kWh thermal energy use and 8500 liter drinking water and waste water. These facts are scientifically proven by a conclusive study by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The shower display can be attached to the shower hose in no time and an integrated generator creates electricity from water pressure, which supplies energy to the device. This means, that the device does not need batteries.

In a further innovative step, the device is equipped with Bluetooth LE. This allows a precise evaluation of the data via smart phone as well as applications via the cloud. Thanks to its open architecture, the device can be integrated in a broad range of smart home platforms, including KNX / KNX-RF, ZigBee, Z-Wave and enOcean, and/or is available in those wireless standards.

“The use of the Internet with appliances is advancing and we are happy to be the first company to make drinking water Internet compatible. With KOTT-SMART® A we are in a position to record and transparently monitor the largest source of energy consumption in the household and this leads to a proven reduction in the use of water and energy. Our goal is to integrate this device into existing Smart-Home-Platforms that can offer customers even more high tech advantages. For example, these advantages could be used for the optimization of warm water purification or an individual CO2 balance with the possibility of further compensatory measures,“ Marc Meyer, Head of R & D of Kottmann Technology GmbH said.

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