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Gira Shows its eNet Bi-Directional Radio System for Retrofitting Electrical Installations at ISE 2015

Gira eNet is the new bi-directional radio system for the smart networking and control of home technology – an ideal solution for the ever-growing renovation and modernisation market. With Gira eNet, intelligent applications can be retrofitted quickly, cleanly, and economically without prising open walls and running new cables.

Lighting and blinds can be integrated into scenes with ease and controlled using various operating devices with Gira eNet. Mobile use is also possible when a Gira eNet Server or mobile gate is employed. This type of networking and control of the electrical installation in a building, coupled with the ability to operate it while away, fulfils the wishes of many occupants to utilise smart functions which have long been standard in automobiles within their own homes. Because the components can be updated, the system is absolutely future-fit.

The Gira eNet is controlled via wall transmitters and remote controls. Because of their flat design, Gira eNet radio wall transmitters can be affixed directly to smooth surfaces such as glass and wood. They are battery-operated, which means they don’t require a mains supply and can therefore be mounted anywhere. Two-colour LEDs signalise successful signal transmission.

The Gira eNet radio remote controls enable mobile operation of home technology within private homes. For example, lights can be switched and dimmed, blinds can be controlled, or scenes can be called up using large operating buttons. The Gira eNet radio remote control Multi also features a display which clearly shows all the functions.

The Gira eNet Server is the optional intelligent central control unit of the system. Its inclusion is always advisable when realising complex solutions beyond the scope of standard functions. The Gira eNet Server facilitates the programming, visualisation, and documentation of the Gira eNet radio system. It can be accessed using various operating devices, with the Gira Control Clients, as well as using smartphones, tablets and computers – via LAN, WLAN or the Internet – regardless of your current location. Beginning in November 2014, the range will be expanded to include the Gira G1 operating device, the multi-talent for complete building control which was introduced for the first time at Light+Building 2014.

As an alternative to wall transmitters and remote controls, the mobile gate is available for easy operation of the eNet installation using mobile end devices. With the mobile gate, access to the entire system is possible via WLAN, for example using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Thanks to the Gira Interface, the light and blinds functions can be operated easily and intuitively.

Gira eNet can subsequently be mounted more easily and quickly than any cable-bound installation. Should you move house, the entire system can even be taken along without issue. Installation and commissioning is intuitive, and standard applications can be set on the devices themselves using the push button method. More complex applications can be programmed quickly, easily and conveniently using a computer. The two methods can be used in parallel and are mutually fully compatible.

eNet was consciously designed as an industry standard which allows additional cooperation partners to join in the future. In order to aid the specialised electrical trade in using eNet to develop the lucrative renovation and modernisation market, Gira offers comprehensive training courses to impart product and marketing know-how. They increase the chances of providing persuasive client consultation and guarantee trouble-free installation of the components. For this purpose, Gira has conceived online distance learning courses that make participation possible from any Internet-capable PC, in addition to face- to-face seminars.

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