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Home of Technologies Expands KNX Training and R&D Facilities

Home of Technologies (HoT) Ltd operates from Tempo House, Battersea, London, making it one of the biggest stockists of KNX components in the capital. Following the successful completion of the KNX Tutor exam, Rafal Borek, Managing Director of HoT, has acquired more space and built additional facilities within Tempo House and in Knightsbridge.

Home of Technologies HoT Training and R+D London

Borek says, “At Tempo House we have adapted three offices to give us areas for administration, stock, and a showroom with workshop. Our in-house training room is equipped with the most advanced KNX technologies from companies such as ARCUS (metering equipment), CJC Systems (switches and sockets, DIVUS (high-resolution touch zone panels, KNX servers, VoIP servers), Eelectron (actuators and the first full KNX hotel system with concierge software), HDL (dimmers and IR universal blasters), Ingenium (ETHBus), Steinel (intelligent motion detectors and sensors), and our premium KNX keypad brand TENSE. All available for you to buy and practice on.”

“We started this business according to our motto “If it can be automated, rest assured, we can automate it for you,” and we always try to think a bit further outside the box. Hence we also help with R&D for many manufactures and project solutions. We also believe that many of the current automation systems and BMS solutions can, and should, work together for the benefit of customer.”

Just recently, HoT held a successful R&D session with Trevor Marson and John Corbin of North Building Technologies. North’s popular BMS systems are able to process large packages of information in plant rooms. After much hard work, and under Trevor’s supervision, HoT perfected a North KNX driver, being able to communicate through IP (tested on several IP routers) with a full KNX solution. This solution allows only useful data from KNX thermostats to be streamed to plant rooms avoiding doubling of jobs. The North KNX solution is now available from North and HoT.

The HoT portfolio also includes gateways for Crestron KNX (with corrected incompatibilities from the manufacturer’s driver) and NuVo KNX RS232. And in its road map for this year, HoT has highlighted R&D work on an RTI KNX solution with Invision UK Ltd.

Rafal Borek adds, “At Home of Technologies we can take care of every aspect of your project including design, so if you are a busy integrator, developer or end user seeking advice and guidance, we are the ‘pier’ at which you want to dock. With a long list of KNX Partners who have already been trained in our facilities, we can build your design, supply components and recommend an experienced integrator.

For further information please call Rafal Borek on 07960 748051, email, or visit:

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