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DMC Technology Announces Certified KNX Basic Course at the Siemens Training Center in California, USA

The first US Certified KNX Basic Course Training has been scheduled for this coming January 12th-16th. In association with Siemens Industry – Building Technology and DMC Technology, CEO Marc-Antoine MICAELLI will be teaching this course at the Siemens Training Center in Cypress, CA, (near Disneyland).

DMC Technology Certified KNX Basic Course in USA

Mr. MICAELLI is the founder of the first system integrator community in Europe where he has built a strong partnership with more than 400 installers. In 2010, he reached the highest level of certification on KNX technology, “KNX tutor of tutor”, and has trained and certified hundreds of installers, system integrators and professors in many countries.

KNX is the worldwide leader in home and building automation, bringing thousands of users and professionals in a unique technological world ready for the future.

This Basic KNX Training class is available to any manufacturer, distributor, installer, integrator or individual that wishes to learn about the KNX standard and its truly open protocol.

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend to become a KNX Partner and to be listed as a KNX Partner on the KNX website.

The KNX Association has National Groups in 40+ countries around the World and is planning to announce its USA National Group at the LIGHTFAIR International Conference in New York City in May 2015.

Great discount offered to the first 3 trainees to enroll. For additional information please contact Frederic Chaussy at (925) 413-6606 or by email:

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