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Elsner Offers Suntracer KNX basic Weather Station

The Weather Station Suntracer KNX basic captures temperature, wind speed, brightness and precipitation. All data may be used for the control of switching outputs which depend on threshold values. The states may be linked by means of AND and OR logic gates.

The compact housing of Suntracer KNX basic stores the sensor system, the evaluation electronics and the electronics of the bus connection.

If time functions are required, for example the output of time and date or a calendar time switch, or if the exact position of the sun should be read out, we recommend Suntracer KNX or Suntracer KNX-GPS (light).

Functions and Operation:

Brightness measurement: The current light intensity is measured by a sensor.

Wind measurement: The measurement of wind speed is accomplished electronically and thus noiseless and reliable even in case of hail, snow and minus temperature. Air swirls and up-draught in the radius of the weather station are collected, too.

Precipitation perception: The surface of the sensor is heated so that only drops and flakes are recognised as precipitation but not fog or dew. If it stops raining or snowing, the sensor dries quickly and the precipitation message ends.

Temperature measurement

Switching outputs for all values (Threshold values can be set by parameter or via communication objects) 8 AND and 8 OR logic gates with each 4 inputs. Every switching incident as well as 8 logic inputs (in the form of communication objects) may be used as inputs for the logic gates. The output of each gate may optionally be configured as 1 bit or 2 x 8 bits.

Configuration is accomplished by means of the KNX software ETS.

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