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Gira Offers its Logic Module with Automated Comfort Functions

With the Gira Logic Module, single-family houses and properties of similar sizes featuring a KNX system can be easily equipped with a series of automated comfort functions. It can be used for switching on lights in a time-delayed sequence, calling up certain light scenes directly using a push button sensor, controlling room temperature, or setting other logic functions.

Using the intuitive Gira Project Assistant allows projects to be parameterised conveniently in just a few steps and simply modified at any time per drag & drop. A convenient logic editor guides the programmer to the desired effect. Thanks to the simulation, parameterisation errors can be nearly ruled out, while the duration of commissioning is shortened significantly.

Each action performed in the Gira Project Assistant is automatically saved. All changes can be viewed and undone with the undo/redo function. Any desired status of the project can be restored, rather like returning in a time machine. The Gira Logic Module is installed on a top-hat rail in the sub-distribution.

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