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Atomity Launches Push Server and Master Server Cloud Solutions for KNX Integration with IoT Products

Atomity stands to join the home automation technology with the Internet of Things and that’s why all its products have Cloud functionality and are designed for seamless communication with the products with greater demand in IoT market such as the Sonos sound system, the Philips Hue bulbs or connectivity with iOS and Android, among others.

Atomity launches across Europe two new products: Push Server and Master Server. They are a glimpse of all the novelties that will be introduced in the coming months by the software and the Internet of Things company.

Master Server and Push Server area a revolution for the KNX standard: they have been designed to be extremely easy to use and vey flexible, allowing end users to perform many changes in settings and configurations.

For example, Master Server makes it quick and easy for any user to create and edit scenes, schedules, notifications and even recipes (simple logic functions that allow for example turn off the air conditioning when electricity consumption is too high) among many other functions. Another example of Master Server innovative functions is the power to play texto-to-voice messages through the speakers of the house to inform about alarm connection, or any other event, incidence or anything else that the user chooses. Text-to-voice function using Sonos can be played by any Scene, Receipe, Calendar or by any KNX action.

Push Server is a reduced version of Master Server only providing communication functions, and can be used in any KNX installation for sending email and push notifications triggered by alarms or any other KNX value or event.

Both Master Server and Push Server have built-in mail server and push server powered by Atomity Cloud, so it is not necessary to perform any account settings / mail server configuration.

Every Atomity product has been designed to offer to the installer/programmer a fast and simple setup, without using additional software, incorporating the Cloud Setup, and allowing to import all directions from ETS. All done in the easiest way to save programmer’s time.

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