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WAGO Offers KNX Integration with its 750-829 BACnet MS/TP Controller

Reasonably Priced I/O Integration, Quick Installation

WAGO’s new BACnet MS/TP Controller communicates via classic twisted pair lines, providing reasonably priced I/O integration at the field level.

The market trend of using BACnet at the field level remains on the advance. In keeping with this trend, WAGO has expanded its portfolio with the new 750-829 BACnet Controller with MS/TP master functions for serial communication with the field. This controller combines all the technical features of the proven 750-831 BACnet/IP Controller with communication via MS/TP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing). Using easily wired twisted-pair lines, the controller represents the flexible and reasonably priced solution for simple I/O integration and complex control tasks. It supports the B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) device profile, including all major BACnet features.

In the “native” mode, the BACnet MS/TP controller automatically generates the appropriate BACnet objects for the individual channels of the connected I/O modules. Other objects can be easily created via the CODESYS development environment. Commissioning is fast and easy, using the BACnet Configurator. The device manager integrated into the Configurator also facilitates configuration in complex projects: In this way, data points can be displayed in tables, exported and imported. Functions such as “Backup & Restore” or “time synchronization” can also be executed.

WAGO’s BACnet MS/TP Controller performs central or decentralized open and closed-loop control tasks in compact HVAC systems, or in the field of room automation. It also offers you the option of integrating discipline-specific fieldbuses, such as DALI, LON®, KNX, EnOcean or MP-Bus into your process. Conventional actuators and sensors can also be connected to the controller as needed using the wide range of available I/O modules.

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