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Property Developer, Robert Newton, Appreciates Simple to Use KNX Home Automation Technology

Property Developer Robert Newton is a devotee of home automation systems that use KNX technology. He frequently offers them as an attractive integral component of the high end residential properties that he refurbishes for the rental market. To do this, he works closely with KNX Consultants, who can turn his concepts and his clients’ visions for home automation systems into reality.

Many of Robert’s clients have specific requests and the need to customise a home automation system to meet their lifestyle requirements is common. One such client in London SW1 demanded a sophisticated system to control the property’s lighting and keypad door entry – but it had to include the simplest possible wall mounted controller. “There are many clients for whom simplicity of operation of a home automation system is paramount – but they want the system in itself to have outstanding capabilities,” says Robert. “In these situations, the experience of KNX Consultants is invaluable as they invariably come up with a solution that entirely meets the requests of my clients.”

Although Robert has extensive experience with other proprietary home automation systems, he has often found them over complicated to use or with too many unnecessary features. “The beauty of KNX home automation technology is its simplicity, ease of installation and the fact that you can easily add extra services at any time. This is a great selling point to my clients who may, for example, just want to control lighting now, but can add security or heating control functionality at a later date.”

At the property in SW1, convenience and simplicity was the key. The user interface to control the KNX based home automation system is a simple wall mounted controller with a multi-press rocker switch. A maximum of three presses are all that are needed to select either pre-set daylight/ evening lighting scenes or normal operation. There is also the facility to control everything from an i-phone at a later date. Another important feature for the client is to be able to easily power down the complete installation with just a single click of a switch.

Robert’s introduction to KNX came initially at a trade show followed by a visit to specialist KNX product wholesaler Ivory Egg. Subsequent discussions with KNX Consultants led Robert to using their services for all his KNX projects. “I needed a company that could convert my brief for a client’s home automation system into a fully functioning system. It’s got to the stage where I am confident that KNX Consultants can create virtually any KNX system – however complicated. They take the ideas and outline drawings to convert them into fully functioning, simple to use systems. My confidence in the capability of KNX Consultants has made me bolder in both suggesting ideas to clients and committing to meeting any of their requests!”

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