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Luxonic Designs KNX Controlled Lighting Scheme for Large Warehouse

Luxonic has designed a new lighting scheme for a large warehouse in the North of England to be occupied by delivery company Hermes. The 15,000 sq.m cross-dock property is in Warrington’s Omega North Business Park and will serve as a new state-of-the-art parcel handling distribution depot for the international courier company.

Luxonic was charged with the task of providing lighting schemes for both the main warehouse and the 1,486 sq.m of office space that achieved the desired lux levels whilst minimising energy usage. Minimising the amount of maintenance required was also vital in designing a system that keeps running costs as low as possible for Hermes.

Rotary North West, a leading national provider of integrated mechanical and building services, introduced Luxonic Lighting to the project for which they have designed a full LED lighting solution featuring both Luxonic’s Hi-Max and Skylux LED fittings combined with LED down lighters.

The Hi-Max LED is a high-power suspended luminaire designed to be mounted at heights of up to 18 metres and is applied in the main warehouse to achieve the necessary lux levels for the large open space. The lighting scheme uses fewer fittings than the original concept design and therefore reduces both power usage and future maintenance costs for the client.

The office space benefits from the Skylux LED profiled optic luminaire, which offers a comfortable visual environment due to its satin polycarbonate high transmission formed lens.

The office lighting scheme also comprises downlighters from Luxonic’s V-LED100 and 200 ranges. The V-LED100 is a high efficiency low wattage fixed, recessed LED luminaire with very wide, medium and narrow reflector options.

The V-LED200 downlighter comprises a newly developed light engine and optical system integrated into a die-cast aluminium heat sink resulting in a luminaire that is twice the efficiency of a compact fluorescent with a minimum 70% lumen maintenance. Unlike many other downlighters, Luxonic has designed theirs to be energy efficient and comfortable for the users by controlling the brightness in conjunction with a white reflector, as opposed to a specular reflector, and in doing so makes it suitable for corridors, toilets and open area lighting.

Adam Leach, Estates Manager, Hermes, said, “Our distribution and handling centres require a high level of lighting to meet health and safety criteria and ensure a pleasant working environment is provided. It is vital that these lighting systems are as energy efficient as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and energy usage. The Luxonic luminaires together with the specially programmed lighting controls look to keep energy wastage to an absolute minimum while the quality of lighting in the property is uncompromised”.

The Hermes warehouse also benefits from a site-wide KNX lighting controls system as well as the constant monitoring of the luminaires via DALI to reduce energy consumption where possible. Presence detection and daylight linking increase efficiency further, as they allow lighting to be on only when someone is present and automatically adjust the luminaire’s output, and therefore energy use, when monitoring the amount of natural light contributing to the lighting levels.

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