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ZB-Connection Offers KNX-ZBC KNX Protocol Converter

The KNX-ZBC is a bridge between the KNX bus and a RS485 Modbus RTU world. Thanks to this device all the ZB-Connection sensors are now available to KNX installers and System Integrators. It can be used in combination with devices such as environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, light and CO2), energy meters, I/O. etc. With KNX-ZBC it is possible to have a wireless arm in your installation with the capablity to install a battery powered sensor in the place where it is needed or where it is more convenient. Third parties ModBus device are also easy to include in the installation. Meters like energy, flow, pressure, gas, water and any electronic devices based on ModBus are now easily installable into your systems.

Key Features

ModBus bridge to KNX based bus systems
Customizable Gateway Platform
KNX Objects: max 255*
KNX – RS485/RS232 – IP Multi protocol
Configuration via embedded webserver / WLAN
Easy firmware update
OPTIONAL: KNX IP Tunneling Server to interface KNX bus to ETS (GW KNX-485 ETS)
OPTIONAL: Optoisolated serial port**** (upon specification)

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