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ABB Introduces i-bus KNX/EnOcean Gateway

The new ABB i-bus KNX EnOcean Gateway allows the integration of EnOcean devices in KNX networks. The energy harvesting wireless EnOcean technology is used to integrate self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls in wired KNX installations. The power supply of the Gateway is realized via KNX connection. No external power supply is needed.

The data exchange between EnOcean network and KNX network is fully bidirectional. The Gateway supports up to 253 KNX communication objects.

A special feature of the KNX/EnOcean Gateway is the integration in the ABB i-bus Tool for diagnosis and commissioning support. With the help of the i-bus Tool the signal level of all received EnOcean telegrams can be easily displayed. Thus it is easy to analyse, if the sensor signals reach the Gateway with sufficient signal level. An additional metering device is not necessary.

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