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Jung Offers KNX Weather Station Giving Precise Measurement of Weather Data

Wind speed or direction, brightness from four directions, twilight, global radiation, precipitation, relative and absolute humidity or air pressure: The new KNX Weather Station will reliably measure all these values via its integrated sensors. It records a total of 12 meteorological parameters.

This means that automatic, weather-dependent shading control for façade protection has become even more reliable and convenient. And, of course, it is also possible to shade individual façade segments.

Other features, such as a GPS/GLONASS receiver for date/time and an astro function for determining the position of the sun, optimise the weather station with an integrated bus coupling unit. It is no longer necessary to set the clock manually.

The weather station is attached to the mounting mast with the bracket included. This guarantees optimum recording and measurement of the weather data. Optionally, the weather station may also be mounted directly on the façade using the mounting bracket.

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