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Arens International Offers MotorController KNX for Window Control

The MotorController is used to control 4 or 8 motorlines, each with up to 4 MotorLink™ window actuators. The window actuators open and close automatically via the MotorController. It is possible to connect individual keypads, to allow the user to open and close a window using the keypad if more or less fresh air is desired.

The MotorController WEC 16M 040A has 4 motor lines and the MotorController WEC 16M 080B has 8 motor lines. The windows are controlled individually via the integrated KNX modules, one in the WEC 16M 040A and two in the WEC 16M 080B. In the MotorController, each motor line can have a max load of 4A – the total maximum current consumption of all the motor lines must not exceed 16A.F lexiSmoke™ KNX ControllerFlexiSmoke™ WSC 520 is the smallest panel in the WSC5 series of modular smoke ventilation panels for the control of ±24V DC and MotorLink™ window actuators in large and medium sized buildings e.g. shopping centres, schools or sport/leisure facilities. By linking more panels, the FlexiSmoke™ is suitable for very large buildings.

All groups in the panel have been configured in the same way which means that each group can easily be set for smoke and/or comfort ventilation.

Key Features

Touch screen
FlexiSmoke™ has a build in 3½” LCD touch screen which making it easy to configure, commission and maintain the panel – without the need for a PC. System errors are described precisely on the touch screen to facilitate troubleshooting and initialisation.

Opening speeds
FlexiSmoke™ gives the possibility of up to three motor speeds depending of the type of motor:
a) ±24V DC standard motor – 1 speed (Heat & Smoke)
b) MotorLink™ motor – 2 speeds (Head & Smoke/manually
c) MotorLink™ motor and bus communication – 3 speeds
(Heat & Smoke / manually operated / automatically)

The different speeds
Heat & Smoke: a fast speed with Heat & Smoke ventilation and security functions. Heat & Smoke has always first priority Manually operated: a faster and audible speed when manually operated by comfort ventilation
Automatically: a slow and almost soundless speed, when controlled automatically by comfort ventilation.

Ease of cabling
The use of bus technology for the break glass units means that the need for cabling in the building is significantly reduced. The break glass unit bus is initialised directly on the panel‘s touch screen.

Smoke ventilation based on wind direction
The smoke ventilation panel can be set so that the opening and closing of windows is determined by wind direction and speed. This means that facades can be utilized efficiently as part of the smoke ventilation without acquisition of additional modules aside from a wind direction sensor.

Bus communication
Comfort ventilation using KNX, with NV Comfort

Approved according to EN 12101-10 and approval according to EN 12101-9 requested.

Flexible system structure
The modular smoke ventilation panel can be composed as required and is easy to extend and reconfigure – either by adding modules or by joining several panels. When the FlexiSmoke is connected to Ethernet this enables the FlexiSmoke to be managed remotely.

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