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ise Announces its smart connect KNX Programmable Device

From electric meter to heater: in a straight forward manner, Programmable brings together KNX and devices which were not previously compatible. The development of individual integration logic only takes a few days, so there has never been a lower threshold into the world of building automation.

Third party devices can be easily and reliably connected with the KNX bus. On the KNX side, there are up to 64 communication objects available with bit width and data point types which can be configured individually.

The IP and the USB interface can be used to communicate with third-party systems. For the very first time, Programmable is an affordable alternative to high-cost device development. Not only is the low price of the device attractive – further development is also reasonable because C# and VB.Net is used to implement the application. This allows the easy use of wide-spread and free-of-charge programming tools.


programming the application in C# and VB.Net
up to 64 KNX communication objects
IP and USB connection with third-party devices
for ETS version 4.1.6 or higher

The ise smart connect KNX Programmable is available starting September and can be pre-ordered already now.

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