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Eelectron Offers the BO12A01KNX DIN Rail 12 Output Module

The BO12A01KNX DIN Rail 12 Output Module is a KNX/EIB DIN rail mounting device useful for interfacing commands or loads for all kinds of applications.

The device’s 12 outputs can be configured as follows: each output can be configured independently for generic load control; outputs can be configured in pairs for the management of roller shutters and blinds (up to 6 channels). The device contains one status LED for each channel to indicate the state of the corresponding output and also one push button for each channel for manual control.

In summary the BO12A01KNX is a DIN Rail 12 output 16 A actuator and can be used to:

• Control up to 12 independent loads / lights
• Control up to 6 independent blind / roller shutters with mechanical end position

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